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Our workshops are famous! We have been leaving a trail of satisfied customers after us everywhere we have gone with our workshop. Everyone gets a drum at our workshops and they are hopping from start to finish. We have a massive selection of tricks up our sleeves from drum bashes to play-alongs, from hilarious competitions to super serious drum offs our workshops are busy, entertaining, uplifting, inclusive and memorable. 


We have been devising methods for years on how to get people drumming almost instantly! We have it down by now. We can guarantee that your entire group will be drumming along with their favourite songs in a matter of minutes... no joke! The only problem we have is that people get worn out so fast. No problem though, you can take a break whenever you need to. Think of aerobics and drumming all mashed into one! 


Noise is not an issue and is often a barrier for people when booking drums. We have specialised equipment to dampen the noise and it has been a game changer for us since we started using it! 


Our staff LOVE their job. If nothing else we will be delighted to come to your place of work for the day and have the giggle and entertain you. The drumming will come naturally but you can be guaranteed that our workshops are going to be all based around fun and good times. We break up the workshops into loads of mini lessons so you never get bored, getting tired is your only problem but you will feel so buzzed that you probably won't feel it til later that night... sorry about that in advance! 

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