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      We are pros... we got this! Through years of individual experience in providing entertainment for hundreds of events over the past decade, our drummers have come together as the Bash Brothers to pool all their knowledge and offer the perfect drumming troupe. We are fixated on providing people what they want. More often that not most people want a performance from the following list so we have gotten very good at providing something for all of these. 

OUR WALK-IN PARADES include our drumming troupe leading a group of people into the room. There is no finer way to be announced. We hold the energy for you and create an epic buzz so there is no doubt you have arrived in the room! This is quite like a fighter entering an arena but we can set the mood to any way you want, Brazilian carnival vibes is the most popular. 

A WELCOMING FANFARE  is often used to welcome someone significant to an event. Bride and Groom, VIP keynote speaker or celebrity sportstart, it doesn't matter. Anyone you deem as important coming can be welcomed in this special way to tee them up or surpricse them. A drumming guard of honour as they dismount their transport - perfect. This works so well to set the tone at all events.

THE BASH BROTHERS HIGH-ENERGY PERFORMANCE is our "all eyes on us" performance! This is where we do nothing but entertain your guests. In the past the floor has been filled in seconds as people just get carried away with the beat. In our training and rehearsals we put a huge emphasis on leading the crowd and welcoming them into our performances so any awkwardness is suspended along with reality. This really is the classic ice-breaker! Perfect to break up any event at any stage and reinvigorate attendees of any conference or hospitality event. 

CROWD INTERACTION: If everyone is on the floor buzzing our drummers often start handing out the sticks and let the people being carried away by the rhythm get stuck in and add to the flavour. As an ice-breaker this can be fantastic as inevitably the phones come out and the social media channels start hopping as soon as business execs, team captains, CEOs or Brides and Grooms start smashing drums! It's always a highlight and a talking point. 

TOP AND TAIL! We will help you create a picture for this but starting and finishing with our high energy performances is always a great way to punctuate your event. We have about a a 45 minute repertoire so we can easily split this into 2 20 minute performances. 

As stated already we are obsessed with making any room or event electric! After this description people are often moved from thinking: "I wonder would drums be cool?" to having a clear picture of what will unfold. Get in touch today to speak with one of the team and we'll get working on making the event one to remember!

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